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Learn how SmartMoney Wealth Management used property investment expertise and strategic planning to help the Lee family reach their ultimate financial goals.
August 4, 2021

Case study: How professional expertise spearheaded property investment opportunity

Case Studies


Property investment comes with many benefits. It’s an opportunity for cash flow, value appreciation, leverage, tax deductibility and more. When Philip and Tracy Lee were interested in investing in property for tax reduction on an annual basis, they knew they needed assistance to maximise the return on investment. With the property investment expertise and strategic planning advice from SmartMoney Wealth Management, the Lee family found plenty of opportunities to reach their ultimate financial goals.

Finding the appropriate investment expert

The Lee’s understood the gist of property investment but found that they didn’t have the appropriate planning in place to get started. They knew they needed an intricate roadmap detailing how they could achieve their financial goals. In an attempt to speak with countless brokers, the Lee’s received advice that was solely focused on borrowing capacity, not where, how or why to buy.

When they found SmartMoney Wealth Management on social media, they decided to reach out for assistance. The financial advisors quickly came in contact with the family and over time explained the entire investment process, provided financial road maps to meet goals and let them take care of the rest under their control.

“We just prefer things to be straightforward, upfront and no-nonsense,” shared the Lee family. “Within a few months from our initial meeting, we were new homeowners with another home in council waiting to be built. They were upfront with expectations and the whole process was no-nonsense.”

The SmartMoney Wealth Management difference

Being based in Wollongong, the Lee family felt confident in their ability to reach out to the advisors whenever they needed, as they would come to the Lee family home after hours to work through plans on occasion to ensure they were making the right moves.

Beyond property investment, the Lee’s found the SmartMoney Wealth Management team to be a sensible and trustworthy go-to for any of their financial needs if necessary.

“This whole process was a seamless. We identified our goals and set plans.”

“This whole process was a seamless. We identified our goals and set plans. Their finance broker was referred and they handled this process professionally. Refinancing on our existing home was sorted out to complete some work at home and saved us money at the same time, and we now have two additional homes for our future.”

After working with the SmartMoney Wealth Management team, the Lee’s are confident in their ability to invest in property but also plan for the golden years of retirement.

“Now, we actually have goals for retirement, not just an idea. We know the way and now have more homes helping us achieve those goals. Their brief was elaborate, but explained in detail in a way we could understand.”

Within a short period of time, the Lee’s built a strong, trusting relationship with the advisors at SmartMoney Wealth Management and now feel elated to have retirement plans.

No matter your financial question, SmartMoney Wealth Management has the answer. Learn more about our services today.

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