Our greatest aim is to make financial advice and wealth management accessible and affordable for all Australians.

But this isn’t really about us...

It’s about you.

Every member of the SmartMoney team gets up in the morning to help people just like you maximise the use of their personal finances.

We’re passionate about improving your financial situation so you can take the steps that pave the way for a more prosperous future.
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Meet the Team Members behind SmartMoney Wealth Management

Peter Kaleski
Head of Wealth Management | Director

Hovig Evanian
Head of Property | Director

Charlie Abd
Senior Financial Planner

Aram Amirghan
Vice Head of Property

Jack White
Head of Finance

Jaydan Ranieri
Client Services

Jake Tucker
Financial Services Administrator

Daniel Harmis
Head of Marketing

Our education system still doesn’t teach us about personal money management

So how can you be expected to cope with stressful, complicated and time-consuming ways of keeping control of your finances - without any prior knowledge or experience? Well, you shouldn’t! And we exist to take the weight off your shoulders.

Here’s a message from our founders!

“Hi! We’re Hovig and Peter, founders of SmartMoney (that’s us below). And when we first started, we made a commitment to offer professional financial advice that educated Australians on how to make the most of their money.

But… we wanted to be different to all the other hot-shot providers who seem to care more about their bottom line than their customers. So we made a promise to deliver our strategies with honesty, integrity and empathy.

Why’s that important to you? Well, it means you can finally have someone in your corner who’s looking out for YOU – and not the big banks. We’re talking real experts in the field who genuinely care about your financial future!”

And here’s some stuff they were too humble to admit

Hovig Evanian

With 20+ years of experience in pretty much every aspect of the property industry, Hovig is the go-to guy when it comes to real estate investment. A national speaker on wealth management - with a major in Accounting & Economics from University of Technology Sydney - he’s a huge asset to the Smart Money team (and is super passionate about helping our clients).

Peter Kaleski

In a financial services career spanning 15+ years, Peter has dedicated his life (seriously - he loves it that much!) to helping Australians control their personal finances. To be honest, his list of degrees and qualifications are as long as your arm. But, most notably, he’s a qualified Self-Managed Super Fund specialist - not to mention an honest, empathetic and all-round great guy.

SmartMoney is built around setting higher expectations & delivering bespoke solutions to our clients

That means everything we do is tailored to your specific needs. And here’s the proof...

You want to take control of your family finances

So we deliver the best strategies possible to put more money in your pocket and help you feel comfortable about what the future holds.

You want advisors who know what they’re doing

So we employ the brightest minds in the industry with more than 40 years of experience (not to mention all sorts of diplomas and certificates).

You want a provider who cares about you and your family

So we give everyone in our communities affordable and effective advice tailored to your specific needs and personal situation.

And what do we want? Well, to help you make the most of your money and help transform your future! With our services, Australians can realise that with a sound financial plan.

You can make your finances work for you.
You can live a comfortable lifestyle.
And you can look forward to a future without money worries.

All you have to do is take the first step and speak with us… So let’s do it!
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