We prepare you and your family for a future with financial security.

We understand that keeping control of your personal finances is complicated, time-consuming & stressful. We take the weight off your shoulders by exploring your personal aspirations & delivering the best strategies for financial success so you can make wiser decisions with your savings and ensure a future without money worries!

Let us show you how...

Ever think ‘I should be doing more with my money’?

But you’re in the dark about investment strategies, scared about making the wrong decisions and just too busy to take action yourself?

Don’t worry, we hear that a lot! Even if you make good income, planning appropriately for the future can be a real struggle.

Maybe you’ve been paying off a mortgage for longer than you care to remember, starting to save for retirement or handing eye-watering sums to the tax man…

…all while trying to provide for your family!

And if you’re like most people, you’re feeling immense pressure to make the best financial decisions every single day. Get something wrong, and it could cost you and your loved ones a future of financial freedom.

But you don’t need to bear the burden alone

Whether you’re looking to buy a new home, keep a nest-egg for when you retire or just get more holidays booked – we’re here to help you achieve your personal goals.

Our friendly team of experts solve your financial issues and inefficiencies by managing your wealth in a way that bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

In fact, if you’ve ever said “yes” to any of these things… we can help!

I want to pay off my mortgage sooner…

Without losing control of my other personal debts.

I want to pay less tax…

Without doing anything that could get me in trouble.

I want to invest my money wisely…

Without making simple mistakes that could cost me big time.

I want to support my children and loved ones…

Without eating into my hard-earned retirement fund.

and most importantly…

I want to feel in complete control of my finances…

Without worrying about the future and letting anyone down.

It’s our job to deliver all of this & MORE to our clients…

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Using 40+ years of experience, we turn your personal aspirations into reality by helping you be smarter with your money…


Our clients usually come to us with little knowledge of financial strategies but big plans for the future. And that’s absolutely fine. It’s only natural to get excited by your hopes and dreams (even if you don’t know exactly how to reach them). But here’s the thing… Who says dreams can’t be reality? At SmartMoney, we get a real kick out of turning your wildest plans into life-changing results through sensible, strategic financial decisions

Here are some of the ‘dreams’ we’ve
made happen for our clients

Pay off your mortgage and be 100% debt free

so you can save money for you and your children or invest more for your own future lifestyle!

Minimize the amount of tax you pay

so more of your hard-earned cash ends up in your pocket and can be spent on things you actually enjoy!

Retire early and in complete comfort

so you don’t have to work yourself to the bone to provide a quality standard of living for your senior years!

Never have to stress about money again

so you can go to bed at night without worrying about bank balances or how you’re going to pay the bills!

Thing is, you already have the tools to do ALL of these things - professional career, good income, stable lifestyle and more. The only aspect of success you might be lacking is the ability to make the right financial decisions. But why should you? Creating a stable financial plan might not be your speciality.

Thankfully, that’s where we come in…

Since we began, we’ve created over $320,000,000 total wealth for our clients!

Here’s what they used it for... (and so can you!)

Tim & Tracey are on track to pay off their mortgage in less than 10 years and save $170,059 in interest payments. They’re projected to add $422,326 to their retirement fund and save $10,000 every year in tax – all while maintaining regular travel!

Anton & Ceri are on track to pay off their debt 14 years faster, save $149,753 in interest and add $486,885 to their retirement fund. Their son’s investment account is projected to be worth $170,484 by the time he’s 20!

I want these results for myself

At SmartMoney, there are countless reasons why Australian families rely on us time & time again

Here are just a few...

We have a strong family focus

Whether you already have a family or are planning one for the future, we want to make sure everyone is set up for whatever – and whoever – might come along.

We want to give you complete confidence in your financial future – not just for the next few years, but for generations to come. We always plan for the long-term!

That’s why our strategies are delivered with honesty, integrity and empathy – centered around making the right choice for you and your loved ones.

We do what’s best for you (not the big banks!)

Here’s something scary… Most wealth advisory businesses are aligned with financial institutions or product providers. And it means they can never be truly objective.

Their advice might not be what’s best for you and your family – and they try to sell you additional products that help them more than their clients. But we don’t…

We only answer to one person… you! Our sole focus is to create strategies that get you results you’ve always dreamed of – with financial guidance that’s right for you.

We’re in this together

With SmartMoney, you’re not just another number on a spreadsheet. And from our first face-to-face meeting, you can consider yourself a partner in the process.

We pride ourselves on friendly communication so you know your money is in safe hands. And we’ll get together on a regular basis to make sure you’re 100% satisfied.

Our financial solutions are always tailored specifically to you and it’s incredibly important to us that we stay true to your personal goals and objectives.

We help everyone control their finances

Private Wealth Management has always been available to the rich and famous. But feeling at ease about your financial future shouldn’t be reserved for a select few.

We make it as simple as possible for people just like you to feel comfortable and confident in their monetary situation – without confusion or breaking the bank.

Our mission is to make wealth management accessible and affordable so we can educate every Australian on how to plan for a comfortable financial future.

We put more money in your pocket

The proof is always in the pudding. And we’d be nothing if we didn’t deliver the best results possible when it came to your personal finances and future savings.

It’s our core requirement to manage your money effectively – and that’s exactly what we do, helping over 1100+ clients and families protect their hard-earned wealth.

With more than $7.2 million in combined tax savings alone, we’ve been creating lucrative retirements and comfortable futures for as long as we can remember!

We have industry leading experience

Our team is made up of friendly, reliable experts with years of knowledge who work tirelessly to deliver the right solution for you and your loved ones. We run our business from the cutting-edge of the industry to help you react in the best way possible to any changes in the market or your personal life.

Your financial portfolio will always reflect these changes – whatever they may be – and will continue to work hard for your future of financial freedom.

And above all… We really do care!

From day one, the mission of SmartMoney has been to deliver unique, personalised financial plans that give people in our communities affordable and effective advice. Our passion is to improve the financial situation of every Australian so they can live comfortably now and throughout their retirement.

With 40+ years of experience, over $320 million of wealth created, $7.2 million in tax savings & 1100+ happy customers

We’re trusted by people across Australia!


"The team at Smart Money Wealth Management have made our journey to financial freedom easy. Genuine and supportive to their clients... while demonstrating well planned approaches to wealth in our family. No more living week-to-week."

- Tim MacDonald

"It's rare to come across a business that takes pride in it's work. The guys at SmartMoney think totally outside of the box which allows for more options when borrowing or investing. When other companies said no, or didn't want to work, these guys have listened to everything, took on board our requirements and found a way to meet most if not all expectations with sound reasoning and knowledge of what is and isn't possible."

- Robert Faris

"Smart Money has given me advice in areas including Loan Products, Superannuation and Managing Debt. The team was great in explaining my options and the benefits/non benefits of each option. Through their knowledge and experience, I felt confident the advice was right for me.”

- Deborah, 46 years old

"The team at Smart Money have been assisting us with financial advice for the past 12 months and have never failed to give us the best advice. They’re respectful of our ideas and give sound feedback with a sense of humour  - which really helps when dealing with money, markets and our future.”

- Riccardo, 55 years old

“The Smart Money team works extremely hard and bends over backwards to achieve the best results. We are very grateful that we have found financial advisors we can trust and help us build our portfolio. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with Smart Money!"

- Michael, 37 years old

So if you’re finally ready to:

Put your financial security in the hands of trusted professionals....
Put your money worries behind you...
Put you & your family’s future first...
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